Good Friday 2023 A Collection of Beautiful and Heartfelt Images

Jesus Christ’s crucifixion and death are commemorated on Good Friday, a prominent religious holiday. It is one of the most significant days in the Christian calendar and is commemorated on the Friday before Easter Sunday.

The history of Good Friday begins with the arrest and trial of Jesus by the Roman authorities in the first century AD. He was given the death penalty via crucifixion, which was a popular method of execution at the time. Jesus was put on a cross and allowed to die, which he did after several hours, according to the Bible. Golgotha, which in Aramaic means “place of the skull,” is a hill outside of Jerusalem where it is thought that Jesus was crucified.

Why is it called Good Friday?

There are various ideas regarding the meaning of the phrase “Good Friday,” while its true origin is unknown. According to one idea, “Good” is a misspelling of the word “God,” and the day was once known as “God’s Friday” before changing its name to “Good Friday” through time. Another interpretation contends that the word “Good” alludes to the day’s holiness or religiosity and serves as a reminder of the goodness of Christ’s atonement.

Despite its name, “Good Friday,” is a gloomy and depressing day for Christians as they remember Jesus Christ’s crucifixion and death. Some Christians celebrate the day by fasting, going to church, and giving thought to Jesus’s sacrifice. Frequently, the day is gloomy.


Good Friday image, orange background and Jesús with cross in black
Good Friday Image 1
Cross with red clothes

Good Friday Image 2

Bible with stone and 3 cross in front

Good Friday Image3

Cross with heart Good Friday
Good Friday Image 5
3 cross in cave sun rays in top colorful background
Good Friday Image 6
Cross with cloth
Good Friday Image 7

Good Friday Morning

Jesus Crown with black background
Good Friday Image 8
Good Friday in dark background, cross
Good Friday Image 9
Palm leaf in top of the cross gray background
Good Friday Image 10
Jesus crown in light dark background
Good Friday Image 11

Good Friday Morning Images

white cloth in top in cross evening background
Good Friday Image 12
cross in white and gray texture background
Good Friday Image 13
3 cross in top mountain
Good Friday Image 14


Yellow background with Bible and Cross in top
Good Friday Image 15
Jesus cave sunrays stone and 3 cross
Good Friday Image 16
blue sky 3 cross in mountain light blue background
Good Friday Image 17
cross in the mountain
Good Friday Image 18
holy bible and put cross chain in top of bible
Good Friday Image 19
Cross with sunlight background
Good Friday Image 20
3 cross in rock with sunlight
Good Friday Image 21
Cross in rock mountain near green mountain
Good Friday Image 22
Jesus with Cross in white stone - Good Friday
Good Friday Image 23
Jesus crown with abstract background
Good Friday Image 24
Good Friday vector image, 3 cross
Good Friday Image 25
orange background with Jesus with cross vector pattern.
Good Friday Image 26

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